If you have the same problem as somebody else, but their’s is worse, does that make your’s pathetic? Does that make YOU pathetic? Are you being stupid for getting upset over something little when somebody else has something big going on? Are you being ridiculous for feeling sad for something which isn’t even important? Should you be aloud to feel like that? Or should you bottle it up, like everything else, because neither you nor your problems matter.
You don’t matter.
people say we don’t open up to people because we are too scared. In reality we are just scared that life will repeat itself. Opening up to someone is like giving them all your trust and heart and you can’t un-tell what you told them. But the problem is once you open up to them, they leave. And they don’t care. And they don’t know how to help so they don’t even try.
But it’s the trying that keeps us sain.
it sucks because everybody says they are there for you and everybody wants you to open up to them, but then all you have is a room full of judging bitches who tell people your shit and stare at you like your a freak. they don’t even realise they are doing it, but as soon as they know they just watch you like they are waiting for something to happen. and you can never talk in the same way again because they are constantly overthinking what to say when in reality you just wanted to keep it all in so you could carry on pretending just to please everyone.
Everynight we go to sleep promising ourselves that we will make sure tomorrow is better, and that nothing will get in our way. We will enjoy life and be careless and reckless. We will run through fields barefoot, not wear makeup, leave our hair to fly free.
Yet everyday we wake up and break the promise. We go to the mirror and judge ourselves, cover up anything society sees unfit. We go about the day concious of what people think, and we alter the way we do everything to suit what pleases people’s eyes.
And we come home every evening saying why did i do that? What was the point? Tomorrow will be different!
But it won’t. It will stay the same and we won’t change because we won’t allow ourselves the right that is freedom.
The biggest hypocrits in life, are ourselves.